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Williamsburg is a city popular for tourists; people come from all over to experience the historic atmosphere it offers. They become so submerged in the culture, however, that they fail to notice the oddities lurking about - the place is inhabited by shifters. They live incognito, and because of this, they struggle to live their lives happily. With every move, they are haunted by the fear of being discovered. The question isn't can you survive - it's can you live your life? Skipping Steps is an intermediate to advanced shape shifting role-play with a 200 word minimum for in character posts. Our community is just getting started - feel free to build it with us! You form the plot, and you decide where we go next.
Location: Williamsburg, Virginia Year: 2010 Season: Spring Temperature: 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit Season Change: May 1st, 2015
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In Character Rules

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In Character Rules

Post by Jericho on Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:07 pm

1. Each post needs to be at least 200 characters, and you must use third person.
2. This is a semi realistic role-play; the animal(s) your shifter can change into must look like real animals. No unnatural colors, super powers, or any other unrealistic qualities.
3. Liquid time is allowed and unlimited.
4. No posting unfinished work.
5. Do not do something to a character that could permanently disable them or kill them without the role-player's consent. However, don't place your character in immediate danger and expect them to make it through unscathed.
6. Some sexual content is permitted (once again, keep it PG 16), but only in topics marked as such. Don't catch anyone off guard.
6. Your character must be accepted before you can post anywhere in the forum.

1. Shifters can discover themselves any time in their teenage life.
2. Once they realize their identity, they have almost no control over it - changing to a creature is hard, but changing back is too easy at first. It's almost impossible to manage to stay an animal for any period of time starting out.
3. It could take as long as a few months to fully master staying in the new body, and even then the shifter will transition back to human when asleep or unconscious.
4. Once one form is mastered, the shifter may begin to work on another form if they wish.
1. Alliances can be created when five or more characters join together and agree to start a gang.
2. When the members are determined, a leader must be picked among them.
3. The leader will come to an admin to request alliance conformation, officially name the alliance, and pick a territory for it.
4. Alliances may grow in number, but if at any time it drops belong five members, it will be disbanded and the territory will be forfeited.

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